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Valerian extract
Date:2017-03-07 From:Guizhou miao medicine

Latin Name:valerian officinalis L.var.lati foliaMiq

Resource:extract from the root of Valerian

Production Place:northeast of guizhou

Appearance:brownish yellow or sepia powder with special valerian flavour,taste bitter

Main Ingredients:L-borneol


(1) [Pharmacological effects] on the role of the Nervous System:

Valerian has a calming effect, can strengthen the process of cortical inhibition, reduce excitatory reflex, relieve muscle spasm. With bromide combined for various nerve excited state, cardiovascular neurosis, hyperthyroidism, frogs, mice, rabbits and so on has a sedative effect; since the separation of income in valerian valerian for three esters of a group of substances on mice have stability, and improve the ability to coordinate the action of free movement, the cat also shows some stability, the excitement, attack state decreased, and the response to the outside world is not affected. The extract of root has the effect of increasing the threshold of electrical stimulation on the cortical frontal lobe caused by the electrical stimulation of the midbrain reticular formation and the central gray matter. The inhibitory effect of the method was also used as a method for the determination of biological titer in mice. Extract or tincture (steamed to ethanol) on guinea pig subcutaneous injection can increase the temperature, but also enhances the febrifuge effect (aspirin may inhibit the vasomotors of valerian), can separate the cooling in the root by column chromatography. Isovaleric acid (alpha allyl isovaleric acid) have analgesic effect. The effective components of the nervous system is not a kind of valerian is mainly oil, ether and alkaloid. Some people think that the alcohol extract is the most effective, and the fresh juice and the volatile oil are weak.

(2)Effects on Circulation and Breath  

Some of the ingredients of valerian  can lower animal (dog, cat, rabbit, mouse ) blood pressure, and the role of Parasympathomimetic like effects, occlusion of carotid sinus reflex and inhibition of central nervous system related. In isolated frog heart, it can inhibit the systolic cardiac glycosides of frog heart, but can not antagonize aconitine induced arrhythmia, the appropriate dose injected cat or rabbit vein or rectum, excited breathing, but in chloral hydrate in deep anesthesia, there is no stimulation, high dose can be the inhibition of normal animal breathing. Root extract and strychnine, amphetamine can antagonize test eyes excited people, and the stability of barbital, inhibited the test.

(3)Antibacterial Function  

the total alkaloids of Valeriana officinalis have antibacterial effect, especially against gram positive bacteria could be better. the two alkaloids :the valerianine, bristle grass strychnine from Valeriana officinalis  also have effect, but the effect is relatively low.


It  Can inhibit the small intestine, the large dose of excitement, the latter can be blocked by atropine. No effect on the pituitary adrenal system. Column chromatography can be used to identify the components of a smooth muscle spasm. It has protective effect on carbon tetrachloride induced liver necrosis in rabbits.

valerian extract

[Taste](1) [Sichuan traditional Chinese medicine]: "taste hard, warm temperature, there are micro poison. "    

         (2)Handbook of Chinese herbal medicine in Xinjiang: "pungent and sweet, warm, non-toxic. "  

[Classics] Sichuan traditional Chinese medicine records: "into the heart, liver two classics. "  

[Main Function] cure uneasy, weak stomach, low back pain, irregular menstruation, traumatic injury.    

        (1)"Folk medicine of science": "for neurasthenia, mental unrest. "    

        (2)The "Shandong medicine": "treatment of amenorrhea, menstrual difficulties. "    

        (3) The "Sichuan zhongyaozhi": "to treat brain and heart, stomach weak, chronic neurological disorder and

             diabetes  insipidus. "    

        (4)The "Shaanxi zhongyaozhi": "palpitation and lumbago. "    

       (5) The "Shaanxi Chinese herbal medicine": "tranquilizing, antispasmodic and carminative, muscle bleeding, pain. Treatment of hysteria, Keshan disease, heart disease (heart disease, myocarditis, postpartum rheumatic heart disease with heart failure), low back pain, stomach cramps, arthritis, traumatic injury, traumatic bleeding.      


[Application] to improve sleep and calm; protect the liver; block and kill AIDS virus, etc..    

[Packaging and Storage] double layer plastic bag , cardboard barrel outside, sealed in cool, dry place out of light .

Valerian leaf